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John Benjamin had been an atheist all his life, clear into his college years, until praying to receive Jesus as his Savior and learning about all the prophecies Jesus had fulfilled out of the Bible, which prove that he is indeed the true Messiah, as well as learning of all the other incredible fulfilled prophecies contained in this miraculous book. John began to take a deep interest in end time Bible prophecy, and all the events that are predicted as yet to come in the future. This began a 40-year journey for him during which time he memorized literally hundreds of passages, many chapters, and even whole books out of the Bible, mainly on the end time. He also studied the writings of many other end time Bible researchers.

Throughout the years, the Lord did many incredible miracles in the lives of him and his wife, and to reveal many things out of the Scriptures that go together to form a very cohesive picture of the great “end time puzzle,” as well as just how all these coming events will play themselves out before Jesus returns so shortly. This book is his first attempt at putting together many of the incredible revelations the Lord has shown him, which will hopefully make it very clear to all that the Bible is indeed the truth and that Jesus Christ is really real and holds in His hands the “keys of eternal life,” freely offering them to all who wish to simply step forward and receive them from Him.